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2023 YPS Writing Competition

This year YPS is hosting its writing competition to allow students to share their findings and analysis about International Relations and Political Science. The competition opens in June 1st. The free submissions are due by August 7th, and paid submissions are due by Sept 1st. 


1. Analyze a resolved conflict/issue and discuss what it informs us about a modern day ongoing conflict/issue 

2. Write a topic of your choice related to International Relations and/or Political Science (Resubmissions from previous/other competitions are allowed)

Conditions for Submission

1. All free submissions must be submitted by August 7th 11:59 pm EST either as a Word document or PDF 

2. All candidates must be 19 years old or younger at the date of the submission deadline

3. Late submissions will need a $5 Canadian Dollars late submission fee and need to be handed in by Sept 1st 11:59 pm EST. Late submissions will be open on Aug 17th 11:59 pm EST.


1. All submissions will be judged based on the five criterion: Viewpoint, Evidence, Writing Structure and Analysis, Language, and Creativity and Complexity.  For more details and other additional notes, please check the rubric available below.  

2. First prize winner will receive a $100 USD Prize and a mentorship opportunity by our mentors in YPS. 

3. A certificate of participation will be available to all participants. 

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Congratulations to Chloe Kwok for winning first place in our 2023 Writing Competition! Stay tuned as YPS will be back with the competition next summer!

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