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About Us

Youth Peace Symposium is a platform for students from around the world to discuss and explore global politics interactively. We are a student led international organization committed to carving out a space for the youth in contemporary political discourse. 


As the media and algorithms continue to advance, they have seemed to only polarize the world, especially across the political spectrum. However, YPS was created to instead take advantage of the advancement of technology. With the internet, we are able to explore perspectives on topics with youth from a vast variety of backgrounds that we were never able to do before. We are able to make the exploration of global politics go past barriers and be accessible to all. As future leaders of the world, we take responsibility to take the internet as an advantage to foster open-mindedness and thoughtfulness when analyzing global politics. 

Therefore, members of YPS hold true to three values: Collaboration, Open-mindedness, and Mentorship. 

We hope you join our international community and we hope to see you soon :D



Ning Ning Thor

Founder of YPS  

What is Global Politics?

While we had previously used the phrase “international relations and political science” to describe the content our organization covers, we now changed the phrase to “global politics”. This change in description was inspired by the International Baccalaureate Global Politics course that many of our members have taken or are taking. Global politics covers International Relations, Human Rights, Development, Peace and Justice, and of course, Political Science.  This means that, now, our members can explore a larger variety of topics that are of their interest and many interdisciplinary subjects. Such subjects include Economics and Sociology. 

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