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Note for Applications: We will get back to you on the results of the applications in 1 - 3 business days. Our initial emails often fall into Junk mail, so please check there when awaiting your response. 

Become a Member!

YPS Members are expected to fulfill their jobs in one or more of the departments below. We welcome both high school and university students for these applications. Click on the button below to apply to any of these departments. 

YPS Review

The YPS Review is the organization’s weekly journal. Members will be expected to write and edit articles on any topic of their desire that is under the field of political science and international relations. The time commitment is around 1-2 hours per week.  

Main responsibilities:  

  • Write articles on topic of choice  

  • Edit and provide feedback for articles of other members 

YPS Forums

You will be hosting forums on an array of socio-political issues and current events that intrigues you. When hosting the forum, you will be expected to give a general overview of the topic and generate thought-provoking discussion questions. The goal is to learn more and lead attending members to analyze ideas on a deeper level. The time commitment is around 1-2 hours per week. 

Main responsibilities:  

  • Create and lead forums on topic of choice 

  • Edit and provide feedback for forums of other members  

More Than Headlines

More Than Headlines is our podcast available wherever you listen to your podcast. Members will be editing recordings from previous forums and uploading the episodes on different podcast platforms. The time commitment is around 1-2 hours per week.  

Main responsibilities:  

  • Collaborate with the podcast team to create episodes for the podcast 

YPS Chapters

In the YPS Chapters department, your primary responsibility would be to expand on YPS's presence in local high schools and communities worldwide by fostering them in the academia of international relations and global politics through the YPS curriculum and chapter handbook. In general, you would expect 2 hours of workload per week.  

Main responsibilities: 

  • Improve and expand the curriculum continuously 

  • Monthly follow-up with chapters; individual meetings with chapter leads 

  • Work closely with the outreach and marketing departments to reach out to more high school clubs weekly. 


In this department, members will be mainly promoting YPS content and expanding the organization. The time commitment is around 1-2 hours per week.  

Main Responsibilities: 

  • Graphic Designers: design Instagram posts, email updates, and/or the website.  

  • Marketing Managers:  

    • Promote the organization through different platforms  

    • Establish partnerships with other organizations  

    • Learn and initiate marketing techniques, such as SEO skills for website marketing 


We are constantly looking to improve YPS. If you have any suggestions or new initiative ideas, feel free to submit in the form below.

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