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Forums Explanation

  • 5 to 7 people for each. 

  • Sign up links in the event description. 

  • Run time for discussions: 40 minutes

  • Begin with an introduction seminar to provide background information on the topic. 

  • Rest of the time will be used to discuss the answers of prompts related to the topic 

  • We expect all guidelines (noted below) to be followed. If not, facilitators will remove members or end the discussion. 

Guidelines for Forums

These online discussions are meant to be a constructive opportunity for students to learn more about International Relations and Political Science. Please follow the guidelines below when attending these discussions. Actions will be taken if they are not followed.  


Always respect yourself and others around you. There shall be no discrimination in any shape, way, or form based upon race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, amongst others.


Collaboration is very important in discussions. Every topic is carefully designed so that the active conversations and sharing of thought will produce knowledge and understandings that are achieved through collaboration. Always work with your peers in the discussion to maintain an academic yet friendly atmosphere.


Rules are meant for a peaceful and constructive discussion, and subsequently, etiquette is very important. Please show politeness and friendliness to your peers even in a dispute of opinions. In no case should one be rude, insulting, or show poor manners in these discussions. The coordinator is subject to remove you from the discussion at their discretion if improper etiquette is being shown.

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