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8/15 Weekly Edition: Systems - From Health to Law 

A brief reflection will draw on the omnipotence of systems all around us: The pandemic developed a system for combatting the COVID-19 virus; the World Health Organization developed a system to aid those in need; the American Supreme Court has a law system to keep order. Sometimes, systems are needed for the order, yet on other occasions, they may be questioned on their validity. This week's articles range from evaluating the systematic strategizing of Covid, explaining a crisis the WHO system is in, to a rhetorical piece on reactions towards an unjust law system. Enjoy.

-Joshua Zhang, Editor-in-Chief


After answering the questions “who were on the stage” and “what was happening” through a lens of political philosophy, perhaps the next step is to find out the solutions to “next time, how can we contain an outbreak and prevent a pandemic?”


If the World Health Organisation really wants to solve the issue of prescription drug abuse, they need to do more than pander to the rich and need to take on a progressive mindset to adequately address issues that prescription drug addicts in rural areas face.


If citizens have the ability to decide themselves the justness of law, and break the law when they deem it appropriate, social justice will be rendered obsolete, and the foundations of law broken.

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