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7/11 Weekly Edition: All the World's a Stage - Covert Actors and Clamant Activists

Diplomacy and politics are not always the cliche business talks between head-of-states, people heard through social activism are also an integral part of political activities. Just like a play, we see outspoken advocates on the world stage supporting a cause to raise awareness while hidden crew members contribute to activism in other ways. This week's featured articles, in light of the resurgence of social demonstrations in America, include an evaluation of the women's rights social organizations, an explanation of labor unions, and what historical protests can teach us today. Enjoy.

-Joshua Zhang, Editor-in-Chief


A combination of precaution and remediation measures is necessary and complementary in keeping people safe from human trafficking. Life is beautiful, and every woman should have to the right to pursue the life she wants and no longer worry about personal safety.


It's something that you may have heard about occasionally. You may have stumbled upon the concept when looking at movements in the US through news reports and stories. Or are you completely unfamiliar with it? Find out more. 


By demonstrating dissatisfaction with inequities in society, protests can make change easier to affect people. They also have powerful long-term impacts, laying the ground for future protests to take place and more progress to be made.

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