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7/4 Weekly Edition: Politics and America

It's Independence Day, and American politics in the past weeks have become increasingly heated. International relations are dynamic and ever-shfting. This week's featured articles, brought to you by our highly selective editors, include why hate crimes should not be punished more heftily, the political common good concept, and a unique perspective looking at the US-China Rivalry through a Korean lens. Enjoy.

-Joshua Zhang, Editor-in-Chief


Even with hate crime’s enhanced harm to society, supporting either present or future HCE laws is fundamentally unjust. Legalist egalitarian principles and the sacred nature of the U.S Constitution, including the rights of free speech, fair trial, and due process, cannot and shall not be faltered.

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The common good refers to the facilities, physical or conceptual, that a community would provide to all its members to serve common interests. For any concrete manifestation of this concept to exist, it must fulfill a set of preconditions.


Instead of standing on one side of the US-China rivalry, South Korea should use the Tightrope diplomacy to balance the relationship with the two superpowers, considering the economy and security.

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