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Meet the Coordinators

Our Coordinators lead our weekly forums. 


Cameron Bird is a rising senior. He takes IB Global Politics HL, and plans on studying International Affairs and Global Politics in university, and pursuing an MIA degree. He has written extensive essays on both Peace and Conflict as well as social and cultural divides across global politics. He hopes in the future to become a Foreign Service Officer or National Security Advisor in the governmental sector.

Cameron Bird

Seren Xu is a rising-Freshman undergraduate who is interested in economic democracy, the political system of The United States and gender equality. She is currently writing articles about the geopolitics in East Asia. She hopes to become an economic researcher and an amateur writer to present the news with diversely, fairly and inclusively perspective.

Seren Xu

Moving to Vancouver from China several years ago, Justin recognized and is keen to analyse the east-west division and different political systems. In the past summer he was honoured to attend the Yale Young Global Scholar program, which further fostered his areas of interests in politics, law, and economics. He is also passionate about consulting and entrepreneurship. During his free time, he is a plant enthusiast and loves to try out all cultural delicacies!

Justin Jia

Emma Zhou is a rising junior at Shanghai American School and is the Deputy Secretary General of the Executive Branch for SHASMUN. Over the summer, she attended the Young Yale Global Scholars program and learned about the impact of politics, law, and economics in international relations. She hopes to become a lawyer and fight for good causes.

Emma Zhou

She will be attending NUS to study Political Science. Her specific areas of interests include but not limit to gender politics, sexualities and law, and diplomacy and international law.  She hopes to become a researcher in the field of diplomacy and international law or barrister in the future. 

Yolanda Liu

Dora has lived in America, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, allowing her to experience different political systems which inspired her interest in political science and international relations. She is most passionate about how each country’s history has lead to its current political climate and wishes to continue studying this in the future. In her free time, she likes to take photos, read Agatha Christie, and bake.

Dora Gan

Annarosa is responsible for graphic design and social media account management. She has 1-2 years of experience in International Relations and Political Science and hold an honourable mention for her essay on privacy and security during COVID.
Outside of academics, she enjoys volleyball and basketball. She is also a firm believer in MBTI and star signs!

Emily Guan

Meredith is a junior at Uhill Secondary. She’s a keen advocate for many political/IR issues, and spends many hours catching up on the latest news. Currently, Meredith is interested in the increase of climate change denial and its association with corporations. You can find her either struggling at debate tournaments or rewatching The Office, sometimes both at the same time!

Meredith Wang
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